Sharona Drake is an author, creative, and urban missionary who provides innovative solutions to problems around the world.

Through online shows, music, books, local and global service initiatives, events, and more, Sharona is a light of hope and exuberance. She asks the hard questions, creates heart-piercing art, and serves in some of the most dangerous areas. Yet, she has the unique ability to make the challenging, comfortable, and to inspire others to change the world with a smile.


Through her online shows and interviews (“Put Some Word On It” and “Serve Your City”), Sharona has provides high-spirited, thought-provoking content and discussion. With over 200,000 global views, she has interviewed some of today’s most influential knowledge leaders and artists in America today (Jonathan McReynolds, Adrian “AD” Davis, Tony Baker, Councilman Devyn Keith, Benita Jones, Pastors Josh & Kimmi Hart, Sho Baraka, and more). She specializes in making it comfortable to peel beyond the surface layers of people and issues and find the hidden jewels that sustain and connect humanity.

Musically, Sharona has a background of leading worship music ministries around the country. She released her first single, “Color Blind” in 2017 and has traveled nationally and internationally as a background singer for Charles Jenkins (“Our God Is Awesome,” “War”). Behind the scenes, Sharona got her start as a campaign manager, artist developer/manager, and event planner for a variety of national recording artists, organizations, and record labels.


As an author, Sharona‘s After They Touched Me (ATTM) gives a first-hand look into her journey of “turning her sexual trauma into a glorious triumph.” Sharona Drake’s tell-all debut book enables readers to self-reflect and process their own experiences with sexual trauma within the safe space of another survivor’s victorious story. As a result of her transparency, the feedback from readers of ATTM has been brimming with testimonies of healing and hope.

Urban Missionary

With all of her accomplishments, Sharona is most humbled by her ability role as an urban missionary in Chicago, Huntsville, and around the world.

Locally, Sharona was the founder and director of PEARL, a female mentorship organization in North Lawndale, Chicago. In five years she became a neighbor and mentor to over 200 young women in the community and aimed to be a life partner to each young woman that she served. During that time Sharona helped to provide numerous college scholarships to her mentees, oversaw student employment programs, and traveled globally with her mentees. Having now relocated to Huntsville, AL, Sharona serves as the youth and young adult pastor at Hope Community Church where she intends on continuing to impact the world by growing new leadership.

Over the past few years, Sharona also has partnered alongside organizations to serve in Uganda, Africa and San Gregorio, Nicaragua. One of her major goals over the next five years is to provide prescription glasses for students at Kamwenge Vocational School in Uganda.