What Is An Urban Missionary?

urban: of or relating to cities and the people who live in them
missionary: a person undertaking a mission and especially a religious mission

Thi’sl defines an urban missionary as someone who learned the Gospel and brings it to the hood, and I agree.

An urban missionary is someone who lives in a major city to intentionally minister to their local area. It’s someone who is dedicated to discipleship…someone who understands that major cities help to shape national and global culture. An urban missionary understands that to take over a large city for God could potentially lead to people all over the globe being brought to Christ.

We care less about church traditions and ceremonies and more about relationships. We admire the Jesus that sat and ate with sinners and the socially despised. We see the Jesus that invested in people and loved them to repentance instead of using God’s Word to abuse them. We believe in community, restorative justice, minimalism, cultural relevancy, God’s Biblical truth, and God’s goodness.

We connect with C.S. Lewis’s quote that “God is good, but not safe” and understands that the life of the Christian urban missionary is the same.