Urban Missionary

Matt 28:19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.

When most people think of female missionaries, they think of someone who’s soft spoken with long, uncut hair, wearing an ankle length skirt on and a baggy blouse and white sneakers. She probably also has the world’s biggest Bible embraced in her arms. Well, that’s not me.

I’m a loud-laughing, sports-playing, ripped-jeans wearing, music-loving, southern woman with a heart for people. And since the greatest density of people is within cities, I live and serve on the westside of Chicago.

What do I do?

3k RunWell, basically I try to be the best neighbor and disciple-maker that I can be in my broken neighborhood of North Lawndale, Chicago. I also am learning how to seek justice and look for the marginalized in an effort to serve them. That could mean different things at different times – mentoring, singing, speaking, protesting, cooking a good meal, taking someone grocery shopping, traveling to other countries, attending special events, and so on.

I also founded PEARL, a female mentorship organization on the west side of Chicago. Much of my time goes to mentoring young women and supporting their families through our numerous programs.

Isn’t It Dangerous in Chicago?

2014-10-07-ChicagoPDI don’t mind living in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the murder capital of the country. I choose to live more simply than I have to. I choose to make a little less money. I make my choices because God is worth it, people need to hear the Gospel, and because if Christians keep running from dangerous neighborhoods there will be no godly voices for the marginalized and no light in darkness.

Plus, isn’t it more dangerous to live a disobedient life towards God? Isn’t more dangerous to choose the safety and security of the suburbs if I’m confident that God is calling me to serve in a city like Chicago? Isn’t it more dangerous for my unbelieving brothers and sisters to never hear the Gospel because I chose to stay within the four walls of my Christian Country Club called “church”?

ct-44-greenwood-shootingThere are people who haven’t experienced the love of God. There are people who can’t read and therefore believe anything a preacher tells them from the pulpit. There are professing Christians who don’t know what it means to be free. There are killers, prostitutes, gossipers, orphans, drug addicts, liars, pedophiles, victims, offenders, and so much more that need to hear the good news!

…and there are so many of them in urban areas like Chicago. That’s why I’m here.

I am an urban missionary and I am changing the narrative of the marginalized.