Youth & Police Run 3k in Chicago, IL

“They” say that North Lawndale is the “home of the permanent underclass.” “They” say that nothing good can come from our hood. We say they are WRONG!

YMEN/PEARL hosts the first Youth & Police 3k Run on Chicago’s west side. Over 120 youth raced, danced, danced, and performed alongside District 10 police during the S.H.I.F.T. 3k run event.

Special shout out to Chicago Police Department District 10, Chicago West Side Christian School, Young Men’s Educational Network, Roswell B Mason School, Michael Trout, Karen Kapp Trout, PEARL, and After School Matters for their participation.

#ChicagoPearl #UrbanMissionary #UrbanMinistry #ThisIsChicago

Main Camera Operators: PEARL student, Jessica Eldridge
Song: “Dance” by Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago